Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bye bye lovelies

Time to say goodbye lovely bloggers, I just don't seem to have any blogger in me any more! I will leave this up for a while and anyone looking for me can find me on facebook.
Love and hugs beautiful people

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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All over the place

Life is interesting right now.

It is joyous and wonderful but it has it's moments too, like right now. I guess life wasn't meant to be perfect huh?

For the good....... I'm feeling really well! :O) my anxiety had crept up again for a while and it was making me feel really bleugh! I don't think I was looking after myself very well. You know how life has a way of cascading into mess when one aspect gets out of balance? That's very true for me. I start getting anxious, I start losing sleep, I get really tired and lose motivation so I get behind on my projects, I can't be bothered cooking so I eat quick, stodgy stuff, I gain weight, I feel unwell.

I started doing CBT again for my anxiety, started looking into wholistic, natural remedies. I kept reading sleep was a big factor. Well der, easier said than done!

So I started reading about sleep and it says exercise is a big factor. Well der,but! But what? I must have selective hearing because I consistently choose to ignore advice that will make me feel well. I don't really like exercise. No surprises there. I go through occasional spurts where I will try and do more but in essence I really am a lazy bum.

One thing that puts me off is my anxiety. I am very uncomfortable with the physical symptoms associated with exercise. It's something I've really struggled with. Luckily though I was at the point with my anxiety where it was either make some change-or head to the dr for meds. I was exhausted with "trying" all of the time. I just needed a hand.

So I dusted off the old treadmill and with much trepidation made a commitment to wellness and added some exercise into my day. I chose the treadmill because i wanted something i could do inside in front of the tv. I figured being distracted would help me avoid focusing on my heart rate or that breathless sweaty feeling.

I made a promise to do 20 minutes. Didn't have to be fast, didn't have to be longer, just 20 minutes most days.Didn't even have to be in one block. I just wanted 20 minutes all up and it seemed like an achievable goal, one that I could manage almost every day forever.

So that's what I've been doing. For the first time ever it worked. Maybe it's a placebo thing, maybe it's psychological I don't know and I don't even care. all I know is I feel better than I have in ages. I feel alert (even when I am sleep deprived), i have energy and I feel much calmer.

The first week was a struggle, I resented every second but I stuck it out and now I almost look forward to it. Not because I like being hot and sweaty-because I don't-but because I don't want this happy, energetic ,well feeling to slip away. It's fantastic!

So yay for my nightly strolls. I'm no olympian but I'm off my bum and it feels good.

So with the increased motivation my studies have been going really well. GPA 7 last semester so woo-hoo!

anyways that's the good.

As for the bad well i'm pre-menstrual so I guess that explains most of it. It's our second month "trying" for a bub and no luck again. I feel so silly because it's really not very long and we really haven't "tried" that hard lol. But it just seems as though everyone around us is getting pregnant or having babies and I just have this irrational feeling that it might never happen. It's silly right? I shouldn't worry.

For those about to say just relax etc, that's sort of what we were doing for the last 12months. We weren't "trying" but we weren't using any contraception either and I was just using the rhythm method to avoid intercourse around ovulation. So I'm either really good at it or we are not that fertile????I thought we might have had an "oopsey" or something??? Could I be that good at it? I didn't think it was that reliable.

anyways so I've been feeling a little frustrated and sad. The gap between Grace and our next bub just gets bigger and I worry about that a little. Like I said I'm Pms'ing so I'm probably not thinking rationally about it.

so that's me for now


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been busy being un-busy! :O)

We are officially TTC as of October and I have just finished my first BFN cycle :O(
Of course I am a little sad but I could tell it was coming so I think I had some time to get used to the idea that it wasn't to be this cycle. I am just impatient to try again! ;)

On a bright note my cycle was a reasonable length this month, last time I had a 36 day cycle, it drove me half crazy. This time it was an even 30 and with clear ovulation signs as reinforced by positive OPKs & maybe baby. About a 12 day luteal phase as well which is ok.

So I'm just waiting it out really. This cycle I am going to try charting my BBT as well.

Tomorrow we go to mums for the weekend then on Monday i check into my favourite resort for a night away by myself. I am soooooo excited! I am going to have a shameless "Laguna Beach & The Hills" marathon. It's awful TV and I love it-so shoot me!

Hayd and Grace will join me sometime on Tuesday and we will spend a further couple of nights there together, probably just lazing about at the beach and in the beautiful pool they have there. Then we will come home where Hayd will have 4 more days at home before he goes back to work. I know Grace and I will be very sad to see him leave as we love having him here.

Uni starts back mid November and I am a twit who is doing summer semester again. Fingers crossed I cope better than last time.

Anyways that's me for now, hugs and kisses

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Congratulations to beautiful Kate & Joseph and their two precious girls
on their special pink bundle-best wishes from sunny stralya

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shamelessly pinched!

EDIT: Yes Marshy-made my day! ;)

Marshy and the pregnant godess.....

Pregnant Godess-are you f-ing kidding me????? Every time I read idiotic comments after people's IE posts I want to screech at each and every one of them. Especially yours, cause I know how frustrated you get, and Tato's grrrrrrr. Every single time! Morons!

Marshy- :( I wasn't so bothered by that one, but methinks it's just because I have heard that many ridiculous comments today that that one seems more tolerable. It seemed more of a dig at starbucks and their over indulgent use of the whipped cream/sugar combo than overweight people.

But i get what you are saying. Obesity is a complex issue and simplifying it in that way is both stupid and pointless. Not too mention the implication that all fatties do nothing but drink maxi cups of starbucks all day-but that might just be my jaded slant on it because today I feel fucking tired and fed up.